About the Mosaic Chronicles


n. A composite picture or decorative design made by setting small, individual, colored, and sometimes broken, pieces, as of stone or tile, into a common surface

Few things represent the Body of Christ like the concept of a mosaic. Diverse and broken people are redeemed by the Grace of Jesus Christ, and set into a specific place within the grand picture of God’s Kingdom. Very few pieces stand out by themselves. Some are entirely plain. All are different. Yet together the pieces form a beautiful whole that transcends the individuals themselves and exalts the grace, skill and artistry of the one whose hands lovingly layed each piece in it’s place.

The Mosaic Chronicles are the online teaching component of the greater ministry of Mosaic of Grace.  Here we will embark on a Journey to explore and investigate what it really means to be a follower of Jesus, and make a concerted effort to figure out what that might look like for us here in 21st century America.  Over the years I’ve come to believe that it’s very different from what current Christian culture tells us it is.  I have come to believe that the reality of the Kingdom of God has little to do with most of what consumes the attention and resources of modern religion in our country, or in fact most of the Western world.

But beyond taking a sincere look at the state of Christian faith in our high-tech, stressed-out, consumer-driveThirsty?n culture, what I most want to explore together is the concept of growth and transformation.  Romans 8:29 , I Corinthians 5:17 and other passages in  Scripture tell us that God’s goal for us is transformation; a fundamental change from human beings who live from a center dominated by brokenness and sin, to ones who operate from a center dominated by the Spirit and Word of God, transformation – degree by degree – into “the image of Christ”. More simply stated, this transformation is a movement into being human beings who value what He values, love as He loves, give as He gives, and who live in intimate connection with the Godhead, all within the blood and guts of real life.  For if the Gospel is Good News, it must speak not only to our eternity, but to our here and now.  And speak it does, to the deepest places within us.

Ultimately we will explore the “hows” of transformation.  How does God work in us?  And what is our role in all this?  What does it look like to “follow Jesus?”  With God’s help, we will Journey together to discover all this and more, and hopefully, through that Journey, discover our place withing God’s own Mosaic of Grace.

Welcome to the Mosaic Chronicles.


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